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Reviews from Leading Industry Professionals

"Visions for a Sustainable Energy Future is a must read strategic publication. The author logically lays out the groundwork for the mega-trends dynamics which will impact energy security, sustainability, job training, as well as the challenges to generation, power delivery, environmental science and end-use sectors of industry."

Clark W. Gellings, P.E.
Vice President - Technology,
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

"Visions for a Sustainable Energy Future is one of the most thought provoking, yet practical, books on the energy business that I have read. The author did a great job establishing what needs to happen in the future while recognizing the obstacles to implementation. I found it very interesting and very easy reading and plan to use it as we work in developing our strategy for long term resources for the Entergy System."


Bill Mohl
Vice President, System Planning & Operations
Entergy Services, Inc.

This book offers a unique insight into the corporate health of energy companies in an evolving landscape of deregulation. Cutting across both historical and present-day situations, it demonstrates important elements vital to the success of energy companies coming out of a safe regulated structure, and dealing with a new, competitive environment. Targeted at corporate executives, energy professionals, the financial and investment communities, strategic planners, and regulators, readers will find this resource helpful to understand how energy companies can meet the challenges of a competitive environment, what it will take to evolve into healthy energy companies, the impacts of deregulation and assessment of successful and unsuccessful strategies for energy companies, the role of technology in business/product re-invention and a successful business model, and the differences and similarities of electricity to other commodities-the challenges to generation, power delivery, environmental science and end- use sectors of the business.

ISBN: 0-88173-513-2
6 x 9, 254 pp, Illus., Hardcover

Interview with the Author
Sustainable Energy Economy Q&A with Mark Gabriel

AEE Energy Insight Podcast

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1 – Megatrends and the Energy Horizon
Market trends vs. Megatrends • Current Crossroads: The Electric Sector Today • Energy Business Capital Expenditures as a Percent of Revenue • Inherent Conflicts in the Electricity Sector • Relieving the Conflict

2 – Incenting Innovation: A Competitive Regulatory Framework
The Regulatory Dilemma • Electricity Company Responses to Deregulation: Invest in the New • Finding the Right (and Profitable) Customer Compact • Turning a Megatrend into Business Opportunity • Competitive Regulation: The Infrastructure Investment Model

3 – The Destiny of Energy Business Evolution
Developing a Stable Business Model • The Art of Business Reinvention: A Classic and Stable Business Model • The Unique Attributes of the Electricity Industry • Succeeding with the Destiny of Business Evolution

4 – The Destiny of Demographics
The Aging Workforce—A Gap of Knowledge • Growing Population Shifts: A Booming Retirement Issue • Increased Consumer Demand: A Boomer Phenomenon • Succeeding with the Destiny of Demographics

5 – The Destiny of Carbon Constraints and Capacity Demands
Supply-Side Issues and the Carbon Conflict • Fueling the Future: Facing the Conflict • Incentives to Help Replace Conflict and Costly Compliance • Succeeding with the Megatrend of Conflict

6 – The Destiny of Intelligent Infrastructure
Our National Power Grid…Now • The Vision—Enhanced Power Flow with Digital Control • Succeeding with the Megatrend of Connectivity

7 – The Destiny of Customer Engagement
It's Your Father's Energy Interface • The Intelligent Energy Portal • The Art of Energy Efficiency and Smart Control • Succeeding with the Megatrend of Choice

8 – The Destination: A Transformed Electricity Sector
A Vision for the Industry's Future • Transformative Paths in Telecommunications • Getting There from Here • A Healthy Balance • Repair, Replace, Rebuild vs. Investing in Innovation • Building a Model for the Future • Conclusion • Ten Ideas for the Future



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