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Now available in its fully updated second edition, this important reference provides a thorough examination of recent and ongoing developments, as well as current trends in all areas of the growing field of sustainable development. Sustainable development is a concept that incorporates energy, urban management, environmental objectives, policy integration, and the idea that effective solutions can be achieved in a cooperative manner with concerted effort. Gaining momentum on the world stage in recent years, sustainable development is beginning to significantly redefine the policies and decision making of both corporations and governmental entities. Sustainable development initiatives can vary widely in both scope and application, as well as in success. This book is intended to clarify critical issues, proven approaches and potential pitfalls associated with such initiatives, covering underlying concepts, renewable energy solutions, environmental issues, green design and LEED® programs, sustainable industrial processes, sustainable development policy considerations, local government programs, corporate programs, tracking results, and future trends. This second edition includes complete updates on measurement and verification for LEED projects, as well as a new chapter on cities and carbon reduction.

ISBN: 0-88173-636-8
6 x 9, Illus., 478 pp., Hardcover

Interview with the Author
Sustainable Development Q&A with Stephen Roosa Ph.D.

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1 – What Is Sustainable Development?
How Sustainability Evolved • Major Underlying Cause: Population Growth • A Second Major Underlying Cause: Urban Development • A Third Underlying Cause: Increasing Energy Use • Energy: Society's Most Critical Resource • Technical Solutions: Ready Now! • One Underlying Effect: Environmental Deterioration • A Second Underlying Effect: Urban Dislocation • A Third Underlying Effect: Changes in Urban Infrastructure • Public Policies in the U.S.: Sustainability, Energy & Cities

2 – Sustainable Development: A New Social Concept
Sustainability Emerges as a New Social Force • The United Nations Earth Summit • Sustainability & Local Governments • Definition of Sustainable Development • Linking Sustainability & Energy • Cities: The Largest Consumers of Energy • Alternative Energy, Conservation & Energy Efficiency • Energy's Critical Role in Sustainability • Critiquing the Idea of Urban Sustainability • Political Views on Sustainable Development Policies • Observations About Sustainability

3 – The Environment & Sustainable Development
Waste Management • Assault on Freshwater Resources • Air Quality • Climate Change • Kyoto Protocol • Montreal Protocol • Species Decline & Extinction • Species Invasion

4 – Sustainable Buildings
Land Development Practices • Concept of Green Buildings • Comparative Building Energy Performance • Energy Star Buildings • Green Construction Materials & Methods • Rating Systems for Green Buildings • The LEED-NC Rating System • Measurement & Verification is Vital • Measurement & Verification for LEED Projects • Green Construction in Schools

5 – Sustainable Energy Solutions
Peak Oil • Energy & Carbon Emissions • Potential for Energy Efficiency • Opportunities for Energy Efficiency Improvements • New Buildings & Energy Efficiency • Energy Eficiency for Existing Buildings • Energy Technologies of the Future • Energy Conversion Technologies • Energy & the Developing World

6 – Corporate Sustainability Programs
Examples of Corporate Sustainability Initiatives • Sustainability & the Automobile Industry • Developing a Corporate Sustainability Plan • Services Industries • Challenges to Implementing Corporate Sustainability Programs • Benefits of a Corporate Sustainability Program

7 – Local Politics for Sustainable Development
Types of Choices Available to Cities • Examples of Local Sustainability Programs • Comparing Cities & Their Policies • Sustainable Local Policies • Organizational Participation Policy • Local Environmental Programs

8 – How Sustainable Development Policies Affect Planning
Linking Comprehensive Planning & Sustainability • Planning for Sustainability • Planning on the Other Side of the Atlantic • Transportation & Highways • Redesigning Communities • The New Urbanism • Energy & Planning

9 – Tracking Local Sustainable Development
Indicators of Sustainability • Identifying Values for Quantitative Indicators • What Can Cities Do?

10 – Learning from Las Vegas
Assessing Las Vegas • History of Las Vegas • Sustainability Concerns of Las Vegas • Las Vegas Enters the Nuclear Age • Other Sustainability Concerns • Qualitative Sustainability Indicators • Quantitative Sustainability Assessment • Conclusions • Lessons Learned

11 – Local Carbon Reduction Policies
Local Governmental Policies • Cities Going Green • Austin City Limits on Carbon • Cambridge Community Carbon Reduction Project • Ranking Cities Based on Their Carbon Emissions • Public & Private Sector Partnerships • International Local Governmental Initiatives

12 – International Sustainability
Examples of International Sustainability Efforts & Issues • Havana, Cuba • Venice, Italy

13 – What the Future Holds: Creating a Sustainable World
Economics of Oil & Sustainability • Policies • Corporations • Technologies • Alternative Energy • Reducing Carbon Emissions • City & County Governments • Buildings • Green Products • Partnerships to Achieve Sustainability

Bibliography, Appendices, Index