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WEEC 2015, held Sep. 30 - Oct. 1, 2015 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Published in Adobe PDF format, this CD contains contributions from more than 170 top experts spanning virtually every area of the energy engineering and management fields. Topics include the impact of new legislation and executive orders, energy productivity, emerging energy trends, renewable and sustainable energy developments and implementation, green and high performance buildings, solar energy and fuel cell developments, effective building commissioning, industrial energy management, smart grid and facility metering developments, energy security and federal energy management, energy auditing practices, new lighting technology advances and applications, Net Zero strategies, ISO 50001 implementation, energy project financing, measurement and verification for energy projects, dynamic HVAC controls, combined heat and power options, energy storage for peak demand use, steam and compressed air system optimization, energy management master planning, and much more. Numerous case histories of successful projects in the U.S. and abroad are included.




  1. Commissioning for Federal Facilities- Case Studies in Varying Expectation

  2. Energy Modeling and Commissioning: Where Theory and Reality Meet

  3. Addressing Operational Challenges in Commercial Facilities via Automated, Ongoing Commissioning

  4. Commissioning in the Sustainable Environment

  5. Energy Rebates: A Systematic Approach

  6. Using Interval Meter Data to Improve Operations, Reduce Energy, and Increase Profits

  7. Interval Meter Data: Connecting Corporate Silos to Maximize Value

  8. Using Data Analytics to Unlock Value in Metered Data.

  9. Utility Rates 101

  10. Energy Auditing Basics 101Lonnie Russell, C.E.M., Energy Consultant, EnergyMan, LLC

  11. Spreadsheet Applications in life Cycle Costing

  12. Error-Resistant Excel Methods

  13. 3rd Party Certifications: LEED EB versus Green Globes

  14. Cogeneration Projects at Bristol-Myers Squibb- A Proven Way to Build a Successful Energy Program

  15. Experience with On-Site Generation

  16. Merck's Integrated Energy Management Approach for Evaluating Sites for Renewable and Cogeneration

  17. Setting Goals and Building Support for Energy Efficiency Improvements

  18. Solving the Puzzle: How Albemarle Assembled the Right Pieces for its Energy Management Program

  19. Implementation Model of Plant-Level Energy Management Scorecards

  20. Reducing Energy Intensity: Sweat the Small Stuff

  21. Implementation of ISO 50001 to Support GHG Reduction

  22. Recent Developments in Water-Energy GHG Reporting Protocols

  23. Striking a Balance: Case Studies in the Sharing of Water Resources at Hydroelectric Reservoirs

  24. City of Charlotte's Facility Energy Management & Energy Star

  25. Realizing Energy Efficiency through Direct Collaboration between Utilities and Local Governments

  26. Rural Community Energy Master Plan Implementation Challenges

  27. Utilization of Smart Grid Technologies to Enhance Energy Efficiency & Power Quality

  28. Data Centers: Modified Equations to Predict Real Energy Savings

  29. An Innovative Approach to Economizers in Data Centers

  30. Diversified Distributed Generation

  31. Cyber Security

  32. Energy and Water Efficiency in a Luxury Hotel in Middle East- A MBCx Caste Study

  33. Energy Demand Side Management Programs Effects on US Long-Term Energy Consumption

  34. Net Zero Energy Installation Planning-The Europe District Approach

  35. Automating Energy Management for Large Commercial Sector Energy Consumers

  36. Unlocking the Potential of Your Energy Strategy with Breakthrough Performance Targets

  37. National Coal Power Plants Contribution to Supply Guarantee in Spain's Electricity System in a Transient

  38. Keeping it Simple: The Decision Making Process for Energy Purchasing in Mexico

  39. Energy Benchmarking in High-end Office Buildings in the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo-Brazil

  40. Understanding the Repairs and Maintenance Tax Deduction

  41. Extending the Reach of Campus Renovation through Combined Financing

  42. 3rd Party Financing- What, Why, When & How

  43. How to Tackle the Next Barrier to Energy Efficiency: Access to Financing

  44. New Approach to Disaster Recovery is a Game Changer: Providing Rapid, Reliable Power for Communities in the Wake of a Crisis

  45. Preparedness & Response: A Path of Service

  46. Lighting Efficiency: The Fundamentals of LED Drivers

  47. LED General Lighting-USPS Case Study

  48. Public Purpose ESCO: A Model that Benefits All

  49. Performance Contracting through ESPC (ENABLE) Program

  50. Leveraging the Benefits of ESPC to Accomplish Large-Scale Facility Infrastructure Goals

  51. Automated Ongoing Commissioning- A Case Study

  52. Existing Building Commissioning in Mission Critical Buildings: An Award Winning Case Study

  53. Plan to Close the Gap with Energy Benchmarking

  54. Management of LP Steam Venting

  55. Enhanced Commissioning Results in Boeing Manufacturing Facilities

  56. Thirty Five Years of Renewable Energy Project Experience at Fort Huachuca, Arizona

  57. Future Energy Developments: Key to Our Green Future

  58. Why Fast-Acting Dispatchable Loads are Essential for High Penetration Renewable Systems

  59. The Questions of Metering

  60. Leveraging Data from Smart Meters and BAS Systems

  61. Emissions from Integrated Renewable-CHP Systems

  62. Combined Heat and Power Plants- Options and Solutions

  63. Revenue Generating Resiliency for Critical Facilities Case Studies in Florida, Maryland/Washington DC

  64. How to Fulfill the New Executive Order 13693

  65. ISO 50001- Its Potential Yet to be Unleashed

  66. Industrial Assessment Centers: Kazakhstan Case Study

  67. Sustainable Energy- An Alternative Paradigm- Quality Perspective

  68. Optimization of Building and Agricultural Pumping System Energy Efficiency for Maximum Return on Investment

  69. Overall Energy Management of a Residence for Elderly

  70. Lighting Efficiency in Sea Port Terminals

  71. Implementing a Next Generation Energy Management System in a Leading Bank Global HQ

  72. Baltimore: Energy Smart in Charm City

  73. Achieving US Best-in-Class Campus Energy Performance in Six Short Years

  74. How Disney Saves Energy- It's Not Magic

  75. Packing the Biggest Punch: Reducing Higher Education Energy Costs by 50%

  76. A Case Study on Two School Districts Implementing an Energy Management Program

  77. Staring Down the Speculators: Options for Dealing with Bloated Energy Pricing

  78. Rooftop Units 101

  79. Instant Impact Energy Savings: The Value of Energy Audits and Retro Commissioning

  80. Building an Energy Model to Help Understand and Respond to Benchmarking Results

  81. Managing Energy as an Ingredient to the Manufacturing Process- Real Time Energy Monitoring

  82. Energy Conservation Successes at Pharmaceutical Sites

  83. Energy Reduction Using Lean Thinking

  84. Decentralized Reclamation & Reuse of Water

  85. Superior Energy Performance: Demonstrating Business Value and Attractive Payback

  86. ISO 50001…From Implementation to Integration

  87. Superior Energy Performance Implementation Case Study: Cummins Rocky Mount Engine Plant

  88. Superior Energy Performance Implementation Case Study: Schneider Electric Enterprise-Wide Approach

  89. Thermal Energy Storage

  90. Facility Scale Energy Storage for Peak Demand Management and Demand Response

  91. Combining Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage with Predictive Analytics for Commercial Buildings

  92. Exploring the Impact of Quality Lighting on Circadian Rhythm and Patient Care

  93. People- The Least Discussed Element of LED Economics

  94. Reducing the Energy Consumption of Mist Collectors

  95. A Review of Biofuels in India: Challenges and Opportunities

  96. Galanta- An Example of Geothermal Energy Utilization Worth Following

  97. Saosa Biogas Plant at Finlays Kericho Africa

  98. Setting up of an International Standard PV laboratory in Sub-Saharan Africa

  99. Fundamentals of the New Power Sector in Mexico

  100. ISO 50001 Implementation in the Chilean Industry

  101. Comprehensive Energy Policy vis-à-vis Sustainable Carbon Reduction

  102. How to Leave an Energy Management Legacy

  103. Evolution of a Sustainability Program

  104. Infrared as a Tool in Building Energy Audits

  105. Boilers 101

  106. Renewable Energy 101

  107. Energy Master Planning 101: The Critical 18 Elements

  108. M&V in the ESCO Business

  109. Automated Demand Response

  110. Cloud Software Services for Energy

  111. Common DSM Evaluation Goals and Methods

  112. The Opportunities and Costs of Transforming the Industry to High Performance

  113. How Intelligent Building Technology can Help Reduce Operating Costs

  114. Industrial Energy Project Identification

  115. Food Industry -Waste to Energy Plant Case Study

  116. Best Practices for Steam & Hot Water System Improvement

  117. Do I Need a VSD Compressor?

  118. Compressed Air and Energy Lessons Learned from the Cement Industry

  119. Using Master Controls to Improve the Performance and Efficiency of Industrial Air Compressors

  120. CHP and WHR Project at General Mills

  121. Low Impact Hydro-Electric 50KW Generator in Water Main from Water Supplier

  122. Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Commercial and Government Projects

  123. Feed-in-Tariff Programs in the Caribbean

  124. Career Advice for Millennials

  125. High Value "Enterprise of Things" Use Cases, Solutions, and Insights

  126. Critical Requirements for E-IoT and Key Success Stories

  127. Big Data Analysis: Mining & Analyzing Utility Data

  128. Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Public and Local Government Sector

  129. Federal Energy Policy Review: Implementation Strategies

  130. The Electric Utility of the Future

  131. South African Low Pressure Solar Water Heating Mass Roll out Program in and its Impacts on Carbon

  132. Economical, Environmental and Social Impacts of Development of Energy from Sustainable Resources

  133. Assessment of Viable Technologies to Improve Harvesting Techniques & Environmental Impact of Current Practices Used in Agriculture Communities of Rural Tanzania

  134. Complimentary Role of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  135. The Hidden Benefits of an LED Lighting Upgrade in an Automotive Paint Shop

  136. 6 questions + 1 That an Energy Manager's Plan Needs to Answer

  137. Economic Analysis and Energy Efficiency Replacing Equipment

  138. Intellectual Property Law and Policy in the Energy Industry- Effective Ways to Promote Energy Technologies

  139. Total System Approach to Steam System Efficiency

  140. Transport Energy Audits- Delivering Profit

  141. Chilled Beams in U.S. Hospitals: Promise Pending Proof

  142. Energy Management- Road to an Enterprise System

  143. The Power of Demand

  144. Benefits of Market-Specific vs. One-Size-Fits-All Utility Energy Efficiency Incentives for Commercial End

  145. Building Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency Projects

  146. Energy Management Control Systems and Advanced Metering Infrastructure IT Energy Security

  147. Municipal Swimming Pool Energy Efficiency: Cost Effective Retrofits to Aquatic Facilities

  148. Fueling Good: Planning, Program Management and Design Strategies for Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Infrastructure

  149. Tall Building Renovation: Innovations Spark New Trend in NYC Building Ventilation Retrofitting

  150. A Primer on Interval Data Analysis

  151. Lighting Policy: Advancing Innovation & Energy Efficiency Implementation

  152. Critical Facilities: Creating a Leaner Power Grid

  153. State of Nevada Case Study: Analyzing Past Patterns (Consumption+Outside Environmental Conditions) to Predict Future Consumption and Enable Automated Demand Reduction

  154. Energy Optimization for NGL Production

  155. Sustainable Community Developments: The Gap Between Perception and Reality

  156. Lean Energy Management for Small and Medium Businesses

  157. Guiding Customers through the Maze- The Keys to Successful Utility Conservation Programs

  158. Energy Recovery from the CITY Sewage Pipes and Buildings Grey Water Too

  159. System Services in the Hungarian Power System and Their Influence on the Market Position of a Power Plant

  160. Energy Saving LED Screw Base Bulbs, A Case Study (Part 2): 10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Them

  161. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Controller Performance: Save 20-50%

  162. Air Change Rate Savings in Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

  163. Moving From Project to a Culture of Continuous Improvement- Role of Utility Incentive Programs

  164. Super Energy Efficient Building Initiative for Climate Action (SEEBICA)

  165. Energy-Economic Estimation of Different Scenarios of ESCOs Cooperation in the Rapeseed and Biodiesel

  166. Sustainably Reducing your Carbon Footprint while Increasing Financial Performance

  167. Best Practices in Energy Efficiency- Electric Motors and Drives

  168. Chester County School District: A Case Study for Efficiency + Resourcefulness= Unexpected Advantages

  169. Department of Energy (DOE) Direct Final Rule Changes & HVACR Energy-Efficiency Regulations