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The landscape for implementing energy efficiency projects is rapidly changing, and the need for energy project financing has never been greater. The purpose of this book is to examine the key factors which typically lead to success when structuring financing options for a proposed energy project and getting it approved by top management. You'll find the information you'll need to explore as many financing options as possible, as well as the tools required to make a comprehensive financial analysis of your project. You'll learn about the most effective financing strategies for getting more projects implemented, including such options as performance contracts, power purchase agreements, PACE financing, and others, along with feedback on specific strategies which have been successfully used by others to present projects and get them approved.

ISBN: 0-88173-701-1
6 x 9, 390 pp., Illus., Hardcover

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Part I: Why & How
1 - If You Read Anything... Do This First
2 - A simple Introduction to Financing Energy Management Projects

Part II: Tools & Techniques
3 - Choosing the Right Financing & How to Use Energy Star Tools
4 - The Evolution of Performance Contracts as a Financial Solution
5 - Power Purchase Agreements for Solar Electric Systems
6 - PACE Financing
7 - How to Make It Easy for the Lender to Work with You

Part III: Extra Information that Can Make the Difference Between "Yes" and "No"
8 - How Energy Projects Improve Stock Prices
9 - Energy Conservation Also Yields: Capital, Operations, Recognition and Environmental Benefits
10 - Overcoming the Barriers that Delay "Good" Projects
11 - Opportunities via Codes, Standards and Legislation

Appendix A - Fundamentals: Time Value of Money Calculations
Appendix B - Links to M&V Guidelines
Appendix C - Energy Auditing Basics
Appendix D - Sample Project Development Agreement
Appendix E - A Sample Performance Contract
Appendix F - Explanations of Sample Performance Contract


Eric A. Woodroof, Ph.D., C.E.M., is widely recognized both nationally and internationally for helping energy/environmental projects get approved and implemented. His focus is to help clients develop projects which are both profitable and simultaneously beneficial to the environment. He brings to this program over 15 years in energy management, consulting and training, having developed profit improvement strategies at over 200 facilities. His clients have included the U.S. Public Health Service, Ford, GM, Hertz, Visteon, Tulsa International Airport. He has written widely in the field, with emphasis on how to implement cost reduction and environmental projects. Dr. Woodroof is Chairman of AEE's Carbon & GHG Reduction Manager (CRM) program certification board, and a board member for the AEE's Certified Energy Manager (CEM) program since 1999.

Albert Thumann, P.E., C.E.M., is currently Executive Director of the Association of Energy Engineers. A 13-year veteran of the Bechtel Corporation, he has had extensive hands-on experience in engineering, project management, construction, start-up, and operation. His project involvement has included supervision of multi-million dollar projects in the pharmaceutical, refinery, chemical, pulp and paper, and fertilizer industries. Other books authored by Mr. Thumann include Project Management for Engineering and Construction, Lighting Efficiency Applications, Handbook of Energy Audits, Energy Management Guide for Government Buildings, Introduction to Efficient Electrical Systems Design, Optimizing HVAC Systems, and Plant Engineers' and Managers' Guide to Energy Conservation. He is listed in Who's Who in America, and is a member of AEE, IEEE, NSPE, ASA, and ASAE. He holds a MSEE and MSIE from New York University.


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