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In any rapidly evolving industry, the need to stay current is crucial. The energy service company (ESCO) industry is a moving target. As country after country around the world embraces the idea of self-funding energy efficiency, an energy performance contracting (EPC) model emerges and then changes to meet local needs. An explosion of new variations is out there. World ESCO Outlook captures this rapidly changing landscape, and offers valuable insights into this fascinating and important industry. The authors have brought together the best of in-country experts from nearly 60 countries to share their knowledge and experience as to what makes EPC successful in their specific environments. In telling their story, they also reveal some exciting new overseas market opportunities, and provide the most complete picture available of today's ESCO world. EPC offers the tools and answers to get energy saving projects going. Energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce pollution and, at the same time, make money. EPC brings these goals together by making future energy savings available now to meet energy and environmental needs with guaranteed results.
ISBN: 0-88173-675-9

6 x 9, Hardcover


1 - The Global Perspective
2 - ESCOs & EPC Models
3 - Financing
4 - Making Contracts Work
5 - Markets & Marketing
6 - Related Services ESCOs Offer
7 - The Critical Role of M&V
8 - ESCO Associations
9 - Country Reports
10 - The Way Forward
Appendices, References, Index


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