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This book is a compilation of decades of knowledge that spanned the author's career as a mechanical engineer specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics in the solar and aerospace industries. It was written with the goal of providing a comprehensive understanding of solar energy to readers of varying backgrounds and experience, in a manner which allows the information to be readily applied to real world projects. Beginning with an enlightening discussion of the relationship of the sun and the earth and the impact of sunlight on the earth, Dr. McMordie proceeds to explain in clear terms the basics of heat transfer, how solar collectors work, and how solar energy is absorbed. Specific technologies detailed include solar domestic hot water systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar space heating, solar power towers, Stirling engine solar power systems, passive solar energy, and greenhouse solar collectors. Appendices provide mathematical techniques for solving heat transfer problems and case studies. The book also includes an Excel® based companion CD of computations to enable the reader to readily put the information in the book to practical use.

ISBN: 0-88173-681-3
6 x 9, Illus., 200 pp., Hardcover


1 – Introduction
2 – Introduction to Energy Terms
3 – The Sun & the Earth
4 – Sunlight on the Earth
5 – Heat Transfer
6 – Solar Collectors
7 – Absorbed Solar Energy
8 – Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems
9 – Solar Photovoltaic Systems
10 – Solar Space Heating
11 – Solar Power Towers
12 – Stirling Engine Solar Power Systems
13 – Passive Solar Energy
14 – Greenhouse Solar Collector
Problems, References, Appendices