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Fast Track BEP Certification Training Course for Business Energy Professionals (BEP) -Online Seminar

Fast Track BEP Certification Training Course for Business Energy Professionals (BEP) -Online Seminar
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Presented online in a series of four 2½-hour and one 2-hour live time modules, this seminar is designed to provide the specific training and background needed by professionals preparing to sit for AEE's Business Energy Professional (BEP®) certification examination. The course agenda also includes updates on topics of current importance to all individuals involved in the non-technical aspects of supervision and management of energy projects.



Discussing the Business Energy Professional (BEP) Program

A Conversation with instructor Mark Roche

Recommended Professional Reference Books for BEP Candidates

You can participate in the seminar from your office, home, or anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone or VOIP. You'll have opportunities to interact with your instructor and colleagues in real time during the six live teleconferencing sessions.

About the Seminar

This course earns 1.2 CEUs, 12 PDHs and 2.4 AEE Credits toward Re-certification.

Become a Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP). Here's your opportunity to take part in a focused, fast-paced instructional program, designed both to expand your knowledge in the field, and to serve as a preparatory vehicle for the examination required to achieve AEE's Business Energy Professional (BEP) certification. Completion of this seminar also fills the training requirement for BEP candidates. (Optionally, you may also consider taking the Comprehensive 5-Day Training Program for Business Energy Professionals live course, offered at several locations throughout the U.S. each year.)

The online Fast Track BEP Certification Training Course for Business Energy Professionals places emphasis on understanding how effective energy management planning and implementation impact the "bottom line." You'll get up to speed on how new technologies and policy changes will impact your energy management decision making, as well as how better to communicate in non-technical terms the viability of energy cost-saving strategies. Topics include procurement, energy accounting/reporting, performance contracting, utility rate analysis, project financing options, and much more. The course covers the full scope of subjects addressed on the BEP examination.

Complete Your Certification Application & Register for an Exam

This program covers the full scope of subjects addressed on the AEE's certification exam. The exam can be taken at a remote testing center. For more about certification and testing, visit, then select the required certification and complete step 2 of the application process.

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Dates and Times

The following offering(s) of the Fast Track BEP Certification Training Course for Business Energy Professionals Online Seminar are currently scheduled. The program consists of four 2½-hour and one 2-hour teleconferencing sessions, for a total of 12 hours of instruction.

Beginning on Dates to Be Decided with session dates and times as follows:

Course Module
Times (Eastern time US)
Day 1
3 pm - 5:30 pm
Day 2
3 pm - 5:30 pm
Day 3
3 pm - 5:30 pm
Day 4
3 pm - 5:30 pm
Day 5
3 pm - 5:30 pm

Completion of both modules is required to receive CEU and PDH Credit, and Course Certificate awarded by AEE.


Seminar Agenda

SESSION 1: 2.5 hours

Welcome / Introductions
• What Is a BEP?
• The Need for a Business Energy Professional

Energy Fundamentals
• Energy Conversions
• Load Factor
• Heating and Cooling Degree Days
• Point of Use Costs
• Energy Formulas - Resource

Need for Energy Management
• Active Energy Management
• Environmental Impacts/Requirements
• Energy Policy Act 2005
• Resources: U.S. DOE, EIA, U.S. EPA, FEMP, OIT, Energy Star

Energy Accounting
• Collecting and Organizing Utility Data
• Spreadsheet Tools
• Calculating the Energy Use Index
• End Use Analysis
• Charts and Graphs
• Energy Interval Data


SESSION 2: 2.5 hours

Codes and Standards
• Basic Energy Codes
• EPACT 2005 / 1992
• ASHRAE Standards 90.1 & 62

Green Buildings Programs
• What Are Green Buildings?
• Energy Star, LEED for Commercial Buildings
• LEED NC and EB
• Site and Source Energy
• Certifications
• Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Utility Rate Structures
• Knowledge of Different Types of Costs Recovered in Rates
    (commodity, distribution, fixed vs. variable, power cost adjustments, etc.)
• Primary vs. Secondary Service
• Power Factor Adjustments
• Interruptible and Firm Power
• Block Rates, Time of Use Rates, Real Time Pricing
• Rate Analysis (comparing alternatives)
• Green Power

• Transportation vs. Bundled Service
• Rate Development


SESSION 3: 2.5 hours

Electric and Gas Procurement
• Fuel Choices
• Electric Procurement
• Gas Procurement
• Overall Strategies

Energy Economics and Financing
• The Importance of Knowing Finance
• Economic Evaluations
    -- Life Cycle Costing
    -- Simple Payback
    -- Present Value
    -- Future Value
    -- Net Present Value
    -- Internal Rate of Return
    -- After Tax Cash Flows


SESSION 4: 2.5 hours

• Alternative Financing
    -- Direct Purchase Methods
    -- Leasing Methods
    -- Performance Contracting

Building Systems Overview


• Basics (lumens, foot candles, efficacy, CRI, Color Temp, CU)
• Lamps

HVAC Systems / Chillers

Industrial Systems Overview
• Electric Utility System
• Gas Utility System
• Steam Systems: Boilers, Turbines, Heat Exchangers
• Motors and Pumps
    -- Motor Basics
    -- Importance of Motor Management
    -- Energy Savings
    -- Variable Volume Options
    -- Selecting / Replacing Motors
• Compressed Air Systems
    -- Components
    -- System Efficiency Improvements
• Industrial Processes

SESSION 5: 2 hours

• Is Commissioning Necessary and Cost Effective?
• Associated Costs
• Phases of Commissioning
• Guidance for the Commissioning RFP
• Documentation

Measurement and Verification (M&V)
• Reasons for M&V
• M&V Targets
• Minimizing Risk
• M&V Options
• International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

Energy Management Oversight & Energy Reduction Strategies
• Energy Monitoring and Systems
• Implementing Energy Management Programs
• ANSI/MSE 2000 Georgia Technical Institute
• Bringing It All Together

Resources / Exam Prep
• Scope of Exam
• Online Resources
• Study Guide
• Suggested Books


Your Realtime Program Instructor

MARK R. ROCHE, C.E.M., C.E.P., B.E.P., C.I.A.Q.P., has more than 25 years experience in nuclear and fossil fuel power generation, energy delivery, energy management, utility marketing, and customer service. He has developed and presented a number of instructional programs on energy management and professional development, with a concentrated focus on how to implement effective energy management programs. Mr. Roche also serves as a core instructor for AEE's Business Energy Professional (BEP) program, as well as chair of the BEP board, and as a member of the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) board. He is currently the regulatory rates manager covering DSM and storm hardening for Tampa Electric Company.

Course Materials and Advance Preparations

The seminar fee covers registration for all six two-hour program modules, seminar workbook (downloadable PDF format), course certificate, and teleconferencing services, including domestic phone charges. (International calls will have non-tollfree access.) Payment in full must be received prior to the start date of the seminar.

You will receive instructions, personal support, and a chance to test your teleconferencing connection in advance of the first session.

Enrollment in this realtime online seminar will be limited to 40 participants to ensure that each student has ample opportunity for interaction with instructors and other participants.