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Subject: THANK YOU

Good Morning Eric,

My name is Chris Wilcut. Last month, I attended a CEM seminar in Atlanta that yourself, and Barney Capehart instructed. I wouldn’t expect you to remember me personally but felt the urge to send you a quick message regarding my experience.

To be honest, not being an engineer by background, the CEM course and exam is something that intimidated me for a while. I knew it was something that I could accomplish, but worried that I might lack some of the fundamental knowledge to do well. I wanted to let you know that when I left Atlanta that Friday, I felt completely confident in my abilities and rejuvenated in my career as an energy analyst.

You did an excellent job of not only clearly and concisely presenting the material, but did so in a fashion that kept me and others interested the entire time. I not only learned a lot of invaluable material , but I also really enjoyed every minute of it. I would highly recommend anyone I know in the industry to take one of the CEM seminars that you teach. Your passion for what you do, and sincere care for how your students fare moving forward (exam and career wise) did not go unnoticed, and I wanted you to know that.

I want to thank you for helping instill confidence in myself and for strengthening my passion for energy management. There is no doubt that I am a far better energy analyst and professional for having attended your seminar. I really admire people who are passionate about what they do, because those are the people who create real change and progress.

Yesterday morning I received an email from AEE informing me that I had passed the examination. I can honestly say that it is the proudest moment in my professional career up to this point. I could not pass up the opportunity to thank you for making that possible, because I am not sure this would have been the case with another instructor. I look forward to keeping up with your career as you continue to make strides in the energy realm, and I genuinely hope that our paths cross again in the future.


Chris Wilcut
Energy Analyst II
Sain Engineering Associates, Inc

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