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Certified Energy Manager Resources

Whether you are thinking of becoming a CEM, newly certified, or a seasoned professional, there is something here for you! 

Get the Basics of Energy Management Review Workbook

Most programs leading to AEE's Certified Energy Manager exam require mathematical problem-solving by seminar attendees. Without this skill level candidates often have trouble understanding course concepts, and generally, have problems passing the CEM exam. Get the self-paced workbook here to ensure you make the most of your time and investment. 

Review CEM Topics and Practice Tests

As a CEM you will learn from a large pool of knowledge. AEE Programs offers 10 Workbooks each covering a single area of interest, allowing you to review individual topics as needed. Included in each workbook is a 20 question practice test to better prepare you for each section of the CEM exam. Go to this page and look for the CEM Review Series under Workbook Downloads.

We also offer two guides to sample questions. An instructor works step-by-step through the solutions to 45 questions that are comparable to those listed in the CEM body of knowledge. They cover a cross-section of problems and are ideal preparation for the CEM exam.

Get the Essential Desk References for Energy Managers

Whether a comprehensive desk reference, step-by-step guide or a calculation study guide, these books combine decades of knowledge by industry leading experts from the fields of energy management and energy efficiency. They will become your go-to handbooks throughout your career as an Energy Manager.  View the Energy Manager Essential Collection here.

CEM Certified... Where to go now?

Become an AEE Member

We highly recommend membership in the Association fo Energy Engineers if you are not already a member. AEE offers it's members and certified individuals substantial benefits for learning, connecting and networking. Visit for more information.

Use Your Member Benefits

If you are a new member, then we suggest utilizing the new membership benefits.

Join a Local Chapter

A great way to leverage your new certification and membership is by connecting with like-minded professionals. Find a chapter here. 

Expand Your Scope

Obtaining your CEM certification was just the first step on your path as a Certified Energy Manager. You just touched the surface of many core concepts in the CEM seminar. Now take a deep dive into one of the many specialized areas of energy management by taking an Online Webinar, Live Seminar or On Demand Course.

Join the Conversation

There are many platforms that allow you to engage with energy professionals at a level of activity that suits you. View AEE's channels on a daily or weekly basis to see what's happening in the industry. Or get fully engaged, become a thought leader and start posting to these platforms today! Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

Attend an Event

There is no substitute for meeting face-to-face. Each year AEE presents an exciting line-up of conferences and trade show events for energy and facility professionals. As one CEM said recently... "[attending an event] helps me stay informed of what is happening in MY Industry". Learn more about AEE events here.

Review these Basics Concepts on Video First

This series of videos is ideal for learning or reviewing complex concepts quickly. Delivered by professional AEE instructors that have trained thousands of Energy Managers. All are free to watch and most are under 5 minutes long. Select the individual videos to the right, or watch the whole series on youtube here.

The Concept of Net Present Value

Understanding an industry standard financial evaluation tool to determine if a project is worth pursuing or to compare projects. Watch Now (3:39)

Net Present Value - Moving Money Through Time

How to calculate the value of estimated savings gained from a project to current cash value. Watch Now (7:32)

Preparing for a Successful Energy Audit

Identify the top four items you need to gather before you embark on an energy audit. Watch Now (4:41)

Conducting a Level One “Facility Walk Through” Energy Audit 

Four key principles and best practices for conducting a level one facility energy audit. Watch Now (4:17)

Energy Bill Basics Part 1

Understanding an electric bill’s components, including account fees, demand charges, and energy charges. Watch Now (6:44)

Energy Bill Basics Part 2 - Power Factor Penalties

Understand how power factor penalties impact an electric bill so you can identify ways to reduce demand charges. Watch Now (5:13)

Energy Bill Basics Part 3 - Demand Rachet

Understand how your annual and daily Peak KW demand impacts an electric bill so you can identify ways to reduce demand charges. Watch Now (5:13)

Lighting Fundamentals

Understand basic lighting terminology, as well as lighting quantity, quality and lighting goals for your energy projects. Watch Now (7:53)

Electric Motor Fundamentals

Understand the basics of one of the primary energy consuming equipment types within a facility. Watch Now (5:34)

Performance Metrics (COP, EER & SEER)

Understand the most common metrics (COP, EER & SEER) for measuring the performance of equipment, such as heat pumps and air conditioning equipment. Watch Now (4:19)

HVAC Heat Transfer Equations

How to calculate sensible heat transfer in air and water. Watch Now (5:18)

How to Use the Psychometric Chart for HVAC Heat Transfer Equations

How to use the Psychometric Chart to identify temperature change for sensible and latent HVAC heat transfer equations. Watch Now (9:26)

Steam Table Fundamentals

Understand the basics of steam tables for orientation, heat flow calculations for steam, and enthalpy applications. Watch Now (8:51)