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All of these programs provide a high quality educational experience while giving you the opportunity to earn continuing education credits – without the need to travel or be away from your office.

Compare our seminars to other online content to understand why you invest in AEE Authorized Training...

  • Many online sources of video training are posted and stagnate quickly! They are not updated by their authors or organizations to reflect changes in technologies, developments or strategies. AEE Programs' Energy Seminars are updated regularly by the instructors as technology changes or new developments change the industry.
  • When you view other video training, you do not have access to or interact with the instructors! Every AEE Programs' Energy Seminar is presented online, in an interactive webinar. You can ask questions along the way and learn from the interactions of other attendees, many of which are industry professionals, just like you. Our instructors are also accessible to you after you finish the course and to help clarify points that will benefit you when implementing the strategies you have learned in your business.
  • Much of the other content you can find online is scripted and narrated by 3rd parties. All AEE Programs' Energy Seminars are created by the instructors who teach the seminar! Our instructors are leaders in their field - with deep industry knowledge and many years of experience to share with you.
  • How do you implement complex energy calculations without the tools you need? AEE Programs' instructors provide you with these tools, and show you how to use them, including a complete copy of all presentations used (in pdf format), complex formula's and spreadsheets with automated calculations.

Currently Available - Instructor-Led | Online | Interactive | Webinars

May   Dates
Boiler & Steam System Cost Control: 100 Ways to Slash Fuel Costs and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint More Info - Register 14-17 May
Certified Renewable Energy Professional Preparatory Training Program More Info - Register 14-17 May
Fast Track CEM Preparatory Course for Energy Managers More Info - Register 15-18 May
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Electrical Engineers More Info - Register 21-23 May
Fast Track CEP Training Course for Energy Procurement Professionals More Info - Register 21-25 May
June   Dates
Big Data & Analytics: the Next Frontier for Energy Management More Info - Register 4-7 June
Certified Energy Auditor Preparatory Training Program More Info - Register 4-8 June
CMVP Certification Online Training Course for Measurement & Verification Professionals More Info - Register 4-8 June
Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals for Non-Mechanical Engineers More Info - Register 5-7 June
Understanding & Optimizing HVAC Systems More Info - Register 6-8 June
Developing an Energy Management Master Plan More Info - Register 11-13 June
Small Scale Cogeneration More Info - Register 11-13 June
Advanced Lighting Retrofit Options More Info - Register 11-14 June
July   Dates
Buying Power in Competitive Retail Markets More Info - Register 9-11 July
Energy Auditing Fundamentals: Essential Strategies & Techniques for Optimal Results More Info - Register 10-12 July
Life Cycle Costing for Energy Professionals More Info - Register 17-19 July
Fast Track CEM Preparatory Course for Energy Managers More Info - Register 17-20 July
Identifying and Selling Energy Efficiency Projects with Wall Street Risk Management Analysis More Info - Register 24 July
Thermodynamics, Principles & Practices More Info - Register 24-26 July
Lighting Auditing Fundamentals & Application More Info - Register 25-26 July
CMVP Certification Online Training Course for Measurement & Verification Professionals More Info - Register 30 July - Aug. 3


Seminar Requirements

  • There are no educational or experienced based requirements for attending an AEE Programs' Energy Seminars. Some seminars, such as certification programs, may provide a list of exam legibility requirements.
  • Visual: A computer or mobile device with Internet access is required to participate
  • Audio: Either a telephone or VIOP connection is required to participate
  • Note! Your paid registration covers a single audio and video connection for your own use only in participating in the seminar for which you have registered, and may not be shared with other users.
  • Should you miss a session, you can log in and view/listen to a recording of the missed session at your convenience.



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  • Call Terese Lavallee at (770) 925-9633, or email
  • In addition to the live real-time online training courses listed on this page, AEE also offers On Demand professional training webinars, for which participants also may earn CEU credits. Click above link for information and specific course availability.
  • AEE Programs' Energy Seminars are designed to provide students, regardless of location or time constraints, the opportunity to participate in continuing education courses, earn CEUs and receive a certificate of completion.
  • Continuing education credit can be applied toward training requirements for maintaining AEE professional certifications, as well as toward professional development training for P.E. license renewal as required by many states. As a non-profit professional society, AEE is automatically approved as a continuing education provider in most U.S. states. You should always verify any provider's status with your own state board.

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