Best Practices for Facilitating Demand Side Management & Response Programs Online Seminar

Earns 1.2 CEU / 12 PDH / 2.4 AEE Credits toward Re-certification

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Presented online in a series of four 2½-hour and one 2-hour live time modules, this seminar is designed to provide the specific training and background needed by professionals preparing to sit for AEE's Certified Demand Side Manager (CDSM) certification examination. The course agenda also includes updates on topics of current importance to all individuals involved in development, implementation or management of demand side management and response programs.

You can participate in the seminar from your office, home, or anywhere you have access to the internet and a phone or VOIP. You'll have opportunities to interact with your instructor and colleagues in real time during the six live teleconferencing sessions.

About the Seminar

AIA Learning Units Eligible

This course has been approved by AIA for continuing education credits. The AIA requires that its registered architect members earn 18 Learning Unit (LU) hours of continuing education credit annually (eight hours of which must be related to Health, Safety, and Welfare topics and four of those eight in Sustainable Design) to remain in good standing. Architectural boards in 40 states, 10 Canadian Provinces, and 19 countries have implemented mandatory continuing education (MCE) for re-licensure.

The Association of Energy Engineers is an approved training provider within the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Systems (CES) Registered Provider program.

Become a Certified Demand Side Manager (CDSM). Here's your opportunity to take part in a focused, fast-paced instructional program, designed both to expand your knowledge in the field, and to provide the specific training needed by to prepare you to sit for AEE's Certfied Demand Side Manager (CDSM) professional certification exam. Completion of this seminar also fills the training requirement for CDSM candidates.

The program provides a concentrated understanding of significant components of demand side management (DSM) and demand response (DR) programs for those who are involved in developing, implementing, managing, or working on these programs. Topics will include:

  • Understanding the history and drivers behind DSM and DR programs
  • DSM and DR types and how to financially evaluate them
  • Cost effectiveness tests including viewpoints, inputs, and calculations
  • Designing and implementing new DSM and DR programs and pitfalls to avoid to ensure their ongoing cost effectiveness
  • Managing and verifying DSM and DR programs for meeting customer as well as regulatory requirements

As more and more DSM and DR programs are being implemented by utilities, states, and government entities, having a comprehensive and broad understanding of all of the critical facets of such programs is vital for those involved in directing, managing, administering, and supporting them. This concentrated, one-of-a-kind live online seminar is designed to provide this necessary knowledge. All attendees will receive the full three day course workbook in electronic form in conjunction with this course.

Each applicant for CDSM professional certification must attend AEE's approved training course and complete and pass a four-hour written exam, as well as meet specific educational and professional criteria. (Note that the seminar fee does not include the certification application/testing fee.) For more about CDSM certification, testing and application fees, Click Here.

Dates and Times

The following offering(s) of the Best Practices for Facilitating Demand Side Management & Response Programs Online Seminar are currently scheduled. The program consists of four 2½-hour and one 2-hour teleconferencing sessions, for a total of 12 hours of instruction.

Beginning on May 15, with session dates and times as follows:

Course Module
Times (Eastern time US)
Monday, May 15, 2017
3:00 - 5:30 pm
Tuesday, May 16, 2017
3:00 - 5:30 pm
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
3:00 - 5:30 pm
Thursday, May 18, 2017
3:00 - 5:30 pm
Friday, May 19, 2017
3:00 - 5:00 pm
Completion of all five modules is required to receive CEU and PDH Credit, and Course Certificate awarded by AEE.


Seminar Agenda

SESSION 1: 2.5 hours

Purpose of Course

  • Goals of the program
  • Jobs for CDSM candidates
  • CDSM eligibility
  • CDSM exam overview

Purpose and Benefits of DSM and DR

  • Customer benefits and perspectives
  • Utility benefits and perspectives
  • Society benefits and perspectives

History of DSM and DR

  • Key legislation points that lead us to where we are today
  • Drivers of DSM and DR programs

DSM and DR Program Types

  • Energy and demand
  • Load management / curtailment
  • Demand response
  • Voluntary generation
  • Load shapes

SESSION 2: 2.5 hours

Understanding the Financials of DSM and DR Programs

  • Financial terms
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Present value
  • Net present value
  • Discount rates and their appropriate selection
  • Calculations

Cost Effectiveness Tests

  • Pros and cons of each test
  • Perspectives of each test
  • Cautions of each test
  • Basic formulas for each test
  • Input's associated with each test

2.5 hours

Cost Effectiveness (Data and Precautions)

  • Walk through of calculations of cost effectiveness tests
  • Precautions of data
  • Data input and needs for evaluation

Designing DSM and DR Programs

  • Considerations prior to design
  • Deciding on what programs to develop and initiate
  • Overall design process
  • Information needed for design
  • Free rider evaluation methods
  • Standards development and pitfalls to avoid

2.5 hours

Implementing DSM and DR Programs

  • Implementation guidance and process
  • Process and framework development
  • Required supporting documents

Managing DSM and DR Programs

  • Maturity roadmap
  • Effective engagement and oversight
  • Reasons why programs are successful and some are not
  • Overcoming and preventing future program pitfalls
  • Handling issues that arise

2 hours

Verifying DSM and DR Programs

  • Effective program metrics and trending
  • Measurement and verification (M&V) purpose and considerations
  • Types of M&V
  • Planning and when to perform M&V
  • M&V advice and cautions
  • Exam preparation and strategies for taking exam

Your Realtime Program Instructor

MARK R. ROCHE, C.E.M., C.E.P., B.E.P., C.I.A.Q.P., has more than 25 years experience in power generation, energy delivery, energy management, utility marketing, and customer service. He has developed and presented a number of instructional programs on energy management and professional development, with a concentrated focus on how to implement effective energy management programs. Mr. Roche also serves as a core instructor for AEE's Business Energy Professional (BEP) program, as well as chair of the BEP board, and as a member of the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) board. He is currently the commercial energy management supervisor for Tampa Electric Company.

Course Materials and Advance Preparations

The seminar fee covers registration for all six two-hour program modules, seminar workbook (downloadable PDF format), course certificate, and teleconferencing services, including domestic phone charges. (International calls will have non-tollfree access.) Payment in full must be received prior to the start date of the seminar.

You will receive instructions, personal support, and a chance to test your teleconferencing connection in advance of the first session.

Enrollment in this realtime online seminar will be limited to 40 participants to ensure that each student has ample opportunity for interaction with instructors and other participants.

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