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WEEC 2014, held October 1-3, 2014 at the Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

Published in Adobe PDF format, this CD contains contributions from more than 170 top experts spanning virtually every area of the energy engineering and management fields. Topics include green and sustainable facility design/retrofit, clean power and renewable energy, solar energy and fuel cell developments, effective building commissioning, onsite generation and power storage, distributed generation, smart grid and facility metering developments, energy auditing practices, lighting audits, new lighting technology advances and applications, Net Zero strategies, ISO 50001 implementation, energy project financing, measurement and verification for energy projects, dynamic HVAC controls, HVAC and motor efficiency, steam and compressed air system optimization, federal energy management, energy management master planning, and much more. Numerous case histories of successful projects in the U.S. and abroad are included.




  1. Renewable Power Generation - Overview of UFC 3-540-08
    Bruce Harding, Senior Associate Program Manager, AMEC E&I

  2. Lessons Learned in the Development & Coordination of Renewable Energy Projects a Federal DoD Facility
    Sean Svendsen, C.E.M., C.E.A., C.D.S.M., Resource Efficiency Manager, Sain Engineering Associates

  3. Deploying Utility Scale Solar Photovoltaic & Energy Storage Systems
    John Vernacchia, Segment Manager, Alternative Energy, Eaton

  4. Optimizing Whole Facility Metering
    Don McComas, Chief Engineer, Metering Technology, Eaton and Dwayne McGrody, Product Manager, Meters, Eaton

  5. Short-Term Data Logging to Identify Low-Cost/No-Cost Opportunities for Reducing Energy Costs
    Thomas White, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP, Chief Engineer, Green Building Initiative

  6. Who Will Be the Next Generation of Energy Professionals?
    Coleman Adams, Senior Consultant, Hitachi Consulting Corporation

  7. Success is Simple: "Go Lean on Energy" - Applying a Lean/Continuous Improvement Approach to Energy Management
    Juan Marin, C.E.M., Senior Energy Engineer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

  8. The Benefits of Instilling an Energy Efficient Culture in an Organization
    Richard F. Rappa, P.E., C.E.M., Senior Vice President, CHA Consulting, Inc.

  9. Using Data Analytics to Drive Operational Efficiency
    John Petze, Principal, SkyFoundry, LLC

  10. M&V Tools to Leverage the Coming Flood of Granular Whole Building Data
    David Jump, Ph.D., P.E., Principal, QuEST

  11. Valuating Energy Savings
    Antonio Miranda, EVO TC Vice Chair, Industrial Engineer, Gas Natural Fenosa

  12. Third Party Involvement in Energy Efficiency Projects
    Tracy M. Phillips, C.E.M., LEED AP, President, Energy Consultant, 7th Gen Energy Solutions

  13. Rice University's Integrated Climate & Energy Master Plan
    Abbe E. Bjorklund, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP, Vice President, Sebesta Blomberg & Associates

  14. Automated Ongoing Commissioning via the Building Control System
    Paul F. Hutchins, Ph.D., P.E., Vice President, Aerospace & Defense, Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.

  15. Retro-Commissioning to Improve Energy Efficiency in High-Performance Buildings
    Jerry Schmits, Director, KLH Energy Solutions, Kohrs Lonnemann Heil Engineers

  16. Retro-Commissioning & Beyond for Energy Efficiency at the University of Virginia
    Elizabeth B. Williams, P.E., C.E.M., Energy Engineer, University of Virginia, and Jesse Warren, P.E., C.E.M., Energy Engineer, University of Virginia - Facilities Mgmt

  17. Developing Energy KPIs & Energy Forecasting at CalPortland
    Bill Jerald, Energy Manager, CalPortland Company

  18. DOE Superior Energy Performance Program: Status & Case Study Results
    Paul Scheihing, Technology Manager, U.S. Department of Energy

  19. Models for Driving Energy Efficiency Nationally Using Energy Management
    Graziella Siciliano, Fellow, Global Superior Energy Performance, U.S. Department of Energy

  20. The Business Case for Power Storage
    Lindsay P. Audin, C.E.M., C.E.P., LEED AP, President, Energywiz, Inc.

  21. Case Study in Power Storage
    Willem Fadrhonc, Manager of Grid Solutions, Stem

  22. Onsite Generation - Pros & Cons & Who Can Benefit Most
    Derek Karim, CEM, CRM, CEA, CEP, REP, Founder - Consultant/Advisor, PineRock Energy, LLC

  23. Laboratory Building Envelopes that Solar Heat and Cool
    John Archibald, President, American Solar, Inc.

  24. Solar Heated Water for Paint Booth Operation at Boeing Salt Lake City, Utah Factory
    Alan K. Griffin, PE, CEM, LEED AP BD+C, Energy Engineer, Boeing

  25. A Case Study of Implications of Energy Efficiency and RECs on PV Sizing Strategies in an Industrial Building
    Gordon Schweitzer III, Energy Engineer, University of Delaware - Industrial Assessment Center, and Christopher Brehm, Commercial Energy Auditor, American Energy Corporation

  26. M&V Trends in Federal ESPC
    Philip E. Coleman, C.E.M., C.M.V.P., Research Analyst, Program Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  27. Basics of Federal Utility Contracts
    James Snook, P.E., C.E.M., Senior Associate, Sain Engineering Associates, Inc.

  28. Lighting Surveys, Audits & Evaluations
    John L. Fetters, C.E.M., C.L.E.P., C.E.A., Owner, Effective Lighting Solutions

  29. Evaluating Street Lights to Prepare for LED Lighting Upgrades
    Tim Stearns, Senior Energy Consultant, Efficiency Smart

  30. Are Lighting Audits Changing Now that LEDs are Viable Solutions?
    Doug Trimbach, Vice President, Engineering & Product Development, Lighting Optimizers, USA

  31. Prioritizing Carbon Reduction through Energy Management
    Richard Gorze, C.E.M., Global Manager - Energy/GHG, Eaton

  32. Beyond Metering: Increased Need for Energy Information Systems on Downstream Production Equipment
    Steve C. Schultz, C.E.M., C.L.E.P., Corporate Energy Manager, 3M

  33. Data Center Energy Optimization through Commissioning
    David P. Ericson, C.E.M., President, Data Center Energy Professionals

  34. Optimizing Data Center Energy Use through Dynamic Cooling Control
    Cliff Federspiel, Ph.D., P.E., President, Founder & CTO, Vigilent

  35. In Search of Savings - Using Inverse Modeling to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency Efforts in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
    Jeffrey Bohrer, M.S., P.E., Director of Property Management & Real Estate, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

  36. Maximizing Your Investment in Energy Efficiency
    Maryanne McGowan, Manager, Strategy & Implementation, Duke Energy

  37. Why Global Climate Change should be the Foundation of Energy Management
    Arun Jhaveri, Ph.D., C.S.D.P., Senior Advisor/Consultant, Arun Jhaveri & Associates

  38. Twelve Platinum Projects
    Daniel Tisak, Ph.D.,CBCP,CSDP,EBCP,LEED AP, Director of Commissioning & Validation, Bala Consulting Engineers, Inc.

  39. Washington DC Net Zero Energy Retrofit
    Andrew Knox, CFA, C.E.M.

  40. NREL Buildings & Campus Net Zero Strategies & Results
    Otto Van Geet, P.E., LEED AP, Principal Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  41. The Challenging Road to Net Zero for the U.S. Army's Fort Bliss
    Dennis Wike, P.E., C.E.M., R.E.M., LEED AP, Resource Efficiency Manager, Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc.

  42. GM Energy Savings Project Implementation Process
    Alfred J. Hildreth, P.E., C.E.M., Energy Manager, General Motors Company

  43. Energy Project Approval Issues? Time to get Creative!
    William (Bill) J. Perhacs, P.E., C.E.M., Associate Director, Global Energy Services, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

  44. Eastman Acquires Solutia - A BTU'ful Blend of Energy Performance
    Sharon Nolen, P.E., C.E.M., Manager, Corporate Energy Program, Eastman Chemical Company

  45. General Mills' 5 Steps to Energy Reduction Drives Employee Engagement
    Jon P. Russett, MBA, C.E.M., C.E.A., Principal Engineer - Platform Center of Excellence, General Mills, Inc.

  46. New Opportunities for Energy Procurement in Mexico
    Diego Arriola, Energy Manager, Iberdrola

  47. Development of Ukrainian Gas Distribution Market
    Alexander Ovdiienko, Director of Business Development, Sodruzhestvo

  48. Fuel Cell CHP for Industrial & Critical Infrastructure Support
    Andy Skok, Senior Director, Eastern Region, Fuel Cell Energy

  49. Redefining Ongoing Commissioning for Government Sector High Performing Sustainable Buildings
    Kristyn Clayton, C.E.M., Senior Sustainability Manager, Redhouse Corporation

  50. Automated Energy Diagnostics & Commissioning of Multi-Vendor BAS for the Federal Government Market
    Terry Looper, NEBB CP, President & CEO, TLS, Inc.

  51. Commissioning for Federal Facilities: Case Studies in Varying Expectations
    John Woody Thompson Jr., PE, CxA, CEM, REP, CBCP, CPMP, LEEDA, Regional Service, Group Leader - Commissioning & Engineering, RS&H, Inc.

  52. Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Energy Test Bed
    Jim Galvin, Ph.D., Program Manager, Energy & Water, U.S. Department of Defense

  53. Consortium for Building Energy Innovation Technology Programs
    Martha Krebs, Ph.D., Director, Consortium for Building Energy Innovation

  54. Controls 101
    Barry I. Benator, P.E., C.E.M., C.E.A., G.B.E., President, Benatech, Inc.

  55. Integrating Continuous Improvement in Corporate Energy Management
    Aiman Abdrabou, C.E.M., C.E.A., C.R.M., CSSBB, Global Manager - Energy & GHG, Global EHS Sustainability, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

  56. Case Study: Implementation of an Energy Management System in the Tobacco Industry
    Marcelo Javier Castelli Lemez, Assessor, Compania Industrial de Tabacos Montepaz, S.A.

  57. Case Studies in High Performing School Energy Management
    Bob Schoch, Director of Business Administration, North Penn School District

  58. Beyond Recovery - Innovations in Clean Energy Financing Policy
    Benjamin Deitchman, Visiting Assistant Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

  59. Innovative SME Energy Efficiency Financing for Controls-Based Solutions
    Dennis Quinn, COO & Co-Founder, Joule Assets and Corey Benson, Business Development & Operations Manager, Joule Assets

  60. Costs and Benefits of Capital Finance through Energy Service Outsourcing
    Christopher H. Russell, C.E.M., C.R.M., Principal, Energy Pathfinder Management Consulting, LLC

  61. LEDs and Lighting Controls: Amazing Features & Complex Issues
    John (Jack) Curran, Ph.D., President, LED Transformations, LLC

  62. Value by Design - Using Optimization Analysis to Evaluate & Improve Buildings
    Michael F Guerin, P.E., C.E.M., AIA, CFM, LEEDGA, President, Guerin Associates, Inc.

  63. Cleveland Clinic Twinsburg Family Health & Surgery Center: A Case Study
    Omar Hawit, LEED AP, Mechanical Engineer, Westlake Reed Leskosky

  64. Journey Past Net Zero Energy - An "Off Grid" Facility
    Keith G. Pehl, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, President & CEO, Optima Engineering, PA

  65. Pfizer's Green Journey
    Margaret O'Toole, Director in Global Engineering, Pfizer

  66. Sustainability, Energy Management, & the Supply Chain
    Mike Whaley, Senior Director of EHS & Administrative Services, Allergan

  67. Compressed Air System Efficiency Improvements
    Tim Hertel, Energy Engineering Specialist, Toyota Engineering & Motor Manufacturing North America

  68. Gas Burner Efficiency Improvements
    Robb Jackson, President, Industrial Thermal Systems, Inc.

  69. Smart Management of Renewable Energy System with Hydrogen Storage
    M.M. Ardehali, Ph.D., P.E., Professor, Amirkabir University of Technology

  70. Overview of the Performance of South African Solar Water Heating Programs & Related M&V Interventions
    Ognyan D Dintchev, C.E.M., C.M.V.P., MIET, Professor, Tswhwane University of Technology and Shaun V. Worthmann, C.E.M., C.M.V.P., Managing Director, Real Time Energy (Pty), Ltd.

  71. Role of Smart Grids in Factories and Military Bases
    Fred Rashnavadi, SunSpec Building Co.

  72. Microgrid Risk Drivers from an Insurer's Perspective
    David Tine, LEED AP, MBA, Business Development Manager, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co., and Richard Jones, Ph.D., Senior V.P. - Engineering & Research, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co.

  73. Enhancing the Smart Grid with Thermal Energy Storage
    Paul Valenta, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, CALMAC

  74. Gas/Propane Powered Water-to-Water Heat Pump or 300% Efficient Heater!
    Richard J. Costello, P.E., C.E.M., MSEM, BSME, President, Acela Energy Group, Inc.

  75. Plan Development for an Energy Efficiency Program for the State of Kuwait
    Fotouh A. Al-Ragom, Ph.D., C.E.M., C.S.D.P., Associate Research Scientist, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research /EUD/BET

  76. Energy Resilient Institutions: A Practical Strategy
    Brian Levite, Consultant, Hitachi Consulting and Alex Rakow, Consultant, Hitachi Consulting

  77. VISN 11 ESPC Contract Lessons Learned
    Jeffrey A. Means, C.E.M., Network Energy Manager VISN 11, Department of Veterans Affairs

  78. Federal Initiatives: Implementing the President's Climate Action Plan in the Power Sector
    Robert McKinstry Jr., Partner, Climate Change & Sustainability Initiative, Ballard Spahr LLP

  79. Refrigeration 101
    Steve Rottmayer, P.E., LEED AP, Project Manager, kW Engineering

  80. Energy Audit Recommendations vs. Actual Savings - Realistic Expectations for Commercial Facilities
    Daniel J. Carnovale, P.E., C.E.M., Manager, Power Systems Experience Center, Eaton

  81. Energy Audits: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    Binh Nguyen, P.E., C.E.M., Senior Energy Engineer, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

  82. Utility Audit Incentive Program for Continuous Improvement
    Jerry Zolkowski, P.E., C.E.M., Senior Engineer, DNV Kema

  83. UC Irvine Combines Cost Effective Sub-Metering with Big Data to Produce Big Results
    Matt Gudorf, C.E.M., LEED AP, Campus Energy Manager, University of California, Irvine

  84. Using Data Logggers
    Kevin P. Vidmar, C.E.M., Vice President, Energy Services, Loureiro Engineering Associates

  85. Energy Procurement - "The Tale of Two Cities"
    William J. Kibler, C.E.M., Sr Director - Strategic Growth & Sustainability, Usource

  86. Megatrends related to Carbon Management
    Richard Gorze, C.E.M., Global Manager - Energy/GHG, Eaton

  87. ESTEEM - The New 21st Century Paradigm for Sustainable Development
    Arun Jhaveri, Ph.D., C.S.D.P., Senior Advisor/Consultant, Arun Jhaveri & Associates

  88. Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Targets & CO2 Expected Reductions by 2020
    Samer Zawaydeh, Independent Engineer

  89. Green Leasing Program
    Deb Cloutier, Principal, JDM Associates, Eugenia Gregorio, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Corporate Responsibility, The Tower Companies, Adam Sledd, Program Director, Commercial Real Estate Mgmt Institute for Market Transformation, and Brad Molotsky, LEED AP O+M, EVP & General Counsel Brandywine Realty Trust

  90. What Benchmarking Data Tells Us: Transforming Building Performance in Washington, DC
    Marshall Duer-Balkind, Energy Benchmarking Specialist, DC Department of the Environment

  91. Combined Simulation & Statistical Modeling in Energy Forecasting - A Case Study at the World's Deepest
    Bill Allemon, C.E.M., C.E.A., LEED AP, Global VP - Energy, AngloGold Ashanti

  92. The Benefit of Combining Advanced Heat Recovery Techniques
    Chris Hoeck, Energy Engineer, General Mills

  93. Leveraging Utility Incentive Funds to Drive Greater Savings
    Thomas C. Mort, Chief Operations Officer, Mission Point Energy

  94. Innovative Compressed Air Monitoring for Optimum Energy Savings
    Frank Moskowitz, Project Manager, Atlas Copco Compressors

  95. Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source
    Wayne Perry, Technical Director, Kaeser Compressors

  96. Compressed Air Piping Guidelines for Energy Efficiency
    Nitin G. Shanbhag, Senior Manager, Air Technology Group, Hitachi America

  97. Women, Energy, and Economic Empowerment: Applying a Gender Lens to Amplify the Impact of Energy
    Kathleen O'Dell, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting, and Sophia Peters, Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

  98. Advancing Energy Productivity in American Manufacturing
    Rodney Sobin, Director, Research & Regulatory Affairs, Alliance to Save Energy

  99. CEA-2045 for Demand Response: Do we have a Winner?
    Tony Koch, P.E., C.E.M., Senior Mechanical Engineer, Bonneville Power Administration

  100. Five Years Results on Demand Response
    Raul Ceballos Martinez, Subdirector Innovation & Technology, Soriana

  101. Case Study & Lessons Learned: Implementing Demand Management in the City of Lights
    Michael Nark, President & CEO, BuildingIQ

  102. Achieve the Full Potential of a Wind Farm
    Judah Moseson, P.E., C.E.M., Director - O&M Services, Infigen Energy

  103. River and Lake Water Cooling
    John Peterson, Associate Engineer, HP Critical Facilities Services

  104. A Review of Cogeneration in the Southeast
    Allen Joseph Honey, Resources Efficiency Manager, Sain Engineering and Associates

  105. Anatomy of an Animal Waste Renewable Biomethane Project
    Peter V.K Funk Jr., Partner, Funk & Zeifer LLP

  106. A New Industrial Revolution Using Geothermal Energy in Kenya
    Andrew Amadi, Energy Efficiency Consultant, EED Energy Ltd

  107. Use of Monitoring & Targeting in Building an Energy Management Program in Small & Midsized
    Kaushik Bhattacharjee, CEM, BEP, CEA, CMVP, Energy Conservation Specialist, Enersource

  108. Measure & Act - Demand Side Management Success Stories from the Northwest
    Dan Brown, P.E., Vice President, Product Development, Cascade Energy, Inc.

  109. CCHP for Healthcare Industry
    Douglas Davis, Director, Broad USA, Inc.

  110. Chilled Water Optimization for Hot-Cold Tanks
    Kenneth Flannery, Facility/Energy Engineer, Bender Energy Group

  111. Renewable Energy & the Hotel Sector of Small Island Developing States: Barbados & Opportunities for Innovation
    Martyn Forde, Researcher, University of Toronto

  112. Public-Private Partnerships Drive Energy Efficiency in Illinois
    Ashley Harrington, Program Director, 360 Energy Group, LLC

  113. Energy Management for Improved Profitability of Small Manufacturers in Africa
    Chisakula Kaputu, Energy Consultant, Saku Energy Enterprise

  114. Guest Room Energy Management
    Ping Kumpanon, Senior Energy Engineer, DNV GL

  115. Knowledge Is Power
    Michael Nowicki, P.E., R.E.P., LEED AP BD+C, Electrical Engineer, SmithGroupJJR, Inc.

  116. Advancing Sustainable Design with Customizable Analytics
    Andy Solberg, P.E., C.E.M., LEED AP, Technologist Professional/Mechanical Engineer, CH2M Hill

  117. Green Buildings Need Clean Power for Sustainability
    Stan Turkel, National Accounts, Sensor Technologies Unlimited, LLC

  118. Achieving Net Savings with Heat Recovery Chillers on a University Campus
    Michael Daukoru, P.E., Practice Lead, Engineering, Applied Energy Group

  119. Energy Saving LED Screw-In-Base Bulbs: A Residential Demonstration
    Donald B. Edwards, C.E.M., C.P.Q., C.E.A., Energy Manager, DTE Energy

  120. ICSEA PoA: Energy Efficiency Program Fosters Sustainable Development & Improves People's Lives in Africa
    Sasha Eichberger, Senior Consultant, Uganda Carbon Bureau

  121. United States Energy Plan
    Norman F. Hansen, C.E.M., President, Energy USA, Inc

  122. Energy Purpose Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites - an Examination & Evaluation Method
    Balint Hartmann, Research Fellow, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  123. Estimation of ESCO Market in Thermal Renovation of Buildings in Ukraine
    Alexander Kovalko, Ph.D., Deputy Director, National Oil & Gas Company of Ukraine

  124. Case Study: Robotic HVAC Investigation Identifying Exhaust System Failures at a Major Medical Center
    Zack Main, Building Scientist, Chelsea Group

  125. How VRF Zoning Systems Can Deliver ROI: Real Life Examples of Energy & Cost Savings
    Charles Miltiades, MBA, LEED AP, Product Manager - Controls & Engineered Solutions, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating

  126. Are Electric Vehicles the Digital Equipment of HDTV?
    Norman K. Muraya, Engineer, Austin Energy

  127. Montecarlo Simulation & AHP Risk Management Methods, Applied to an ESPC
    Andres Ortuno Carbonell, CEO, Adding Tecnicos, SL

  128. Possibilities of a Waste to Energy Power Plant Construction on an Existing Power Plant's Site
    Daniel Pintacsi, Student, Budapest University of Technology & Economics

  129. Energy Optimization in Existing Buildings - Challenges & Obstacles & the Importance of Sub-Metering
    Mohamed Abaza, C.E.M., LEED AP, Senior Energy Engineer, AtSite Inc.

  130. ISO 50001 Implementation Cautions & Tips
    Paul W. Birkeland, CEO, Global Strategic Energy

  131. Energy Conservation & Sustainability Steps after A Major Reorganization
    Michael D. Kornitas, C.E.M., LEED, Director of Sustainability & Energy, Rutgers University

  132. Use Energy Modeling to Identify Savings Opportunities
    Neil S. Maldeis, P.E., C.E.M., G.B.E., Energy Solutions Engineering Leader, Trane

  133. Maximizing Energy & Water Credits under LEED v.4
    Lindsay Southerland, Lead Energy Analyst, BCS, Inc.

  134. Identifying No-Cost, Low-Cost & Repair & Maintenance Projects to Lower Your Utility Costs
    Thomas T. Tolan, C.E.M., CFM, LEED AP, Vice President, Engineering, Behringer Harvard

  135. Hanesbrands Integrates Energy Management into Global Sustainability
    Kurt Schwalbe, P.E., Director of Facilities Engineering & Energy Management, Hanesbrands, Inc.