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Scientists have shown that the environment is changing at a very fast pace. Most of the changes are due to natural events which we cannot modify, but some of the most recent serious changes have been attributed to man's activities. Energy generation is a major part of these activities, and this book examines them in the context of their effects on the environment. Starting with the conventional forms of energy generation driven by coal, oil, gas and nuclear-based technologies, the author analyzes and calculates their impact on the environment and human life in general. The renewable energies, including hydro, biofuels, solar and wind, are also assessed, providing clarification of lesser know aspects of their "cradle-to-grave" life cycle. Concerns in this area include certain irreversible environmental damage which can occur during the manufacture of solar and wind equipment, as well as during the installation, operation and decommissioning of large-scale hydro, solar and wind power plants. This book attempts to analyze the very complex challenges presented by both natural and manmade changes in the earth's environment with the goal of providing "snapshots" of specific areas of interest, and then making suggestions for future pathways toward cleaning and stabilizing it.

ISBN: 0-88173-705-4
8½ x 11, 1333 pp., Illus., Hardcover

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1 - Energy & the Environment
2 - Fossil Energy Sources
3 - Other Energy Sources
4 - Renewable Energy Sources
5 - The Environment Today
6 - Political & Regulatory Aspects of Energy & Environment
7 - Economic & Legal Aspects of Power Generation & the Environment
8 - Energy & Environmental Markets