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MANAGING ENERGY FROM THE TOP DOWN: Connecting Industrial Energy Efficiency to Business Performance

MANAGING ENERGY FROM THE TOP DOWN: Connecting Industrial Energy Efficiency to Business Performance
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In a world with increasingly constrained resources, energy captures top management attention. Using language that is accessible to as many readers as possible, this book explains the connection between energy and business performance. Corporate leaders, production managers, machine operators, policy advocates, and technology providers will all learn how day-to-day choices relate to the risks and rewards of energy use. Concise, to-the-point chapters explain how energy is invested, preserved, and ultimately positioned to create wealth. Hard-nosed business leaders should appreciate the section with examples that show a strong financial case for energy improvements, including the save- or- buy criterion, the economic penalty for "doing nothing," the break-even cost, and the budget for supporting design and analysis work. Managing Energy from the Top Down is written with the goal of making the challenges and opportunities of energy use accessible to all readers that have a stake in industrial competitiveness.

ISBN: 0-88173-625-2
6 x 9, 156 pp., Illus., Hardcover


1 – Call to Action
Money to Burn: Why Manufacturing Profits Go Up in Smoke • Energy is Wealth • How Does Energy Use Affect Business Performance? • Where Does Industrial Energy Go? • How Waste Raises the "Price" of Energy

2 – What's at Stake
Ask Not What Can You Save, But What Will You Save • Business Risks for Energy Consumers • The Promise & Challenge of Life-Cycle Cost • Embedded Energy • Beware of "Fugitive" Energy • The Competitor Within

3 – Overcoming Barriers
Why Do We Resist Energy Efficiency? • How Did We Get Here, & How Do We Regain Control? • Why Public Policy Is Weak Medicine for High Energy Costs • "We're Already as Efficient as we Can Be?" • "Rear-View Mirror" Energy Management • In Management to Blame? • How to "Do Nothing" About Energy Costs • The Seven Deadly Sins of Energy Cost Control • The Seven Steps to Successfule Energy Cost Control

4 – Change
Wanted: Amnesty for Yesterday's Energy Waste • An Entitlement Under Fire • Questions & Answers About Energy Audits • Move Forward of Fall Behind • Energy Management: Two Philosophies, Two Outcomes • Some Can, Some Can't (Control Energy Costs)

5 – Developing an Energy Strategy
Do the Right Thing! • An Engineering Project or a Management Process? • Organizational Attributes, Strategies & Outcomes • Energy Solutions: In-House or Outsource? • Risk, Time & Money: The Executive Energy Tool Kit • Adventures in Energy Management: Ten Case Studies • What Does an Energy Manager Do? • Energy Management: How Well Are You Doing?

6 – How Does the Money Work?
Energy At-Risk: Save or Buy? • Capital Investment, Capital Projects • Energy Management Without a Capital Budget • Simple Payback: Wrong Tool for the Task? • The Cost of Doing Nothing • Break-Even Cost: The Limit to Capital Investment • Determining a Budget for Additional Energy Analysis

7 – Lessons & Outcomes
Energy Lessons: The Columbia Disaster • The Evolution of Sustainable Business • Sustainability & the Triple Bottom Line • The Hunters & Farmers of Energy Savings

Appendix I: The New World of Energy Procurement

Appendix II: Electricity Deregulation Explained for the Industrial Consumer


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