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Seminar Costs and Materials Needed On-Site

After you determine the seminar you would like instructed for your team (find available seminars at www.aeeprograms.com/seminars), simply contact one of our in-house seminar coordinators to discuss the number of students to be trained and projected course dates. The in-house coordinator will research instructor availability based on your input.

For certification programs, in addition to the in-house preparatory training seminar, attendees must also complete and return the applicable professional certification application as well as meet the applicable certification criteria.

Certification applications for participants in in-house certification training courses may be found at: www.aeecenter.org/inhouseforms.

The Seminar Host

The host organization is responsible for providing a suitable location (i.e. meeting room / classroom) in which to conduct the seminar and for providing audiovisual equipment specified by the instructor.

In addition, the host will be charged the instructor's airfare, lodging, and for meals during the instructor's stay in addition to the in-house seminar fee. (Note that some seminars are instructed by two instructors.) Required audiovisual equipment may include any or all of the following items:

  • AV projector
  • Projection screen
  • Microphone
  • Overhead projector
  • Pointer
  • Blackboard or flip charts
  • Dryboard and markers
  • Pads and markers

For more information, or to discuss
scheduling an AEE in-house seminar, complete the
online information request form, or contact one of the in-house
seminar coordinators directly:

Jennifer DeBold
phone: 770-279-4391
email: jenn@aeecenter.org
Ginger Hurmence
phone: 770-279-4385
email: ginger@aeecenter.org