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A quick look at the benefits of in-house training...

  • Maximize your training results
  • Reduce travel costs and overall training expenses
  • Enhance team building
  • Decrease staff out-of-office time
  • One-on-one interaction with a dedicated instructor
  • Achieve your corporate training goals
  • Benefit from more focused Q&A time
AEE sponsored in-house seminars are designed to maximize your training budget and reduce your travel costs. Our courses are offered at the your chosen location and a time schedule that is most accommodating to your staff, customers, and even prospective clients. This approach maximizes the learning environment and teambuilding experience, reduces travel costs, while decreasing out-of-office time for your personnel, and enhancing one-on-one time with the instructor.

By having a seminar conducted in-house, you can increase the training benefits by exposing all your personnel to the same body of instruction at the same time. Questions can be answered in greater detail and the instructor can focus instructional emphasis on those areas most relevant to your operations and corporate goals.


The Team Concept Enhances Payback
Most companies realize how important it is to keep their personnel up to speed on the latest strategies for improving energy efficiency and their firm’s operations. The value of having the entire team exposed to the same body of instruction at the same time increases the likelihood that everybody can work together. They will have the same understanding of the strategies and techniques needed to implement action plans. In other words, everyone is "on the same page." 

In-house programs enable companies to not only expand the knowledge of their staff, but also to involve the student team in establishing cost-saving programs or setting new goals for the team to achieve. In-house programs translate into a highly motivating experience that emphasizes cooperation, involvement, and results-oriented attitudes.

Economy is Just One Key Benefit of this Approach
AEE seminars can save significant training dollars for the obvious reasons: with greater numbers of attendees, you reduce the cost per person and eliminate expenses of travel, hotel and meals for all those you would normally send to a training seminar. Also, you accrue some not-so-obvious but probably equally important benefits: you can schedule the course at a time that is convenient for your organization, minimizing time away from the workplace; and you instill the concept of working together to achieve your organization's goals.

When it comes to dollars-and-cents, in-house seminars offer the best value for group training. The typical in-house seminar has a minimum number of attendees (20) and can expand according to your needs on a per student basis. Discuss your class needs with the in-house seminar program manager.

A Diversity of Proven Courses is Available
AEE has gained a reputation for developing courses with a proven track record of high quality that addresses the most current issues facing the energy, sustainability, power, and facility industries.

Companies considering an in-house presentation have a large, constantly growing list of subjects from which to choose. Unless major modifications to the course content are required, the company incurs no additional start-up costs for an in-house seminar.

The instructors and the course content have been proven time and time again in presentations across the country. And each intensive seminar comes complete with course workbook and supplemental materials.

In-house seminars can also be expanded to week-long formats when appropriate to a company's specific situation: for example, if a group of new employees needs familiarization with a particular subject, or if less-experience professionals on your staff need a broader overview of a particular topic.

AEE Certification Programs
AEE is recognized as a leader in promoting high industry standards, and has developed professional certification programs to meet the needs of the industry and professional fields which it serves. AEE administers a variety professional certifications, such as:

Certified Energy Manager®

Certified Business Energy Professional

Certified Energy Procurement Professional

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional

Building Energy & Sustainability Technician

Distributed Generation Certified Professional

Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional

Certified Carbon & GHG Reduction Manager

Certified Residential Energy Auditor

Please visit www.aeecenter.org/certification for a complete list of professional certifications available from AEE. Requirements for qualifying for each certification include demonstrable educational background, practical experience in the field, completion of specified training seminars, and successfully passing a certification examination.

AEE can present any of its certification training seminars on an in-house basis.

Energy Management Training for Professional Development
AEE Programs are ideal vehicles for increasing energy awareness and as a motivational tool for your employees. Because AEE seminars are nationally recognized for their quality, professional enhancement, and reinforcement of high industry standards, employees place a special value on continuing education units they earn as they pursue professional engineering certification or other forms of recognition.