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After Your Online Training, Consider Becoming Certified:
AEE's Certified Energy Auditor Program


AEE's Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) program is designed to provide recognition for professionals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the energy auditing field. The program also aims to raise the professional standards of those engaged in energy auditing, to improve the practice of energy auditing in buildings, industrial plants and government facilities, and to identify persons with demonstrable expertise relative to the energy auditing field. For more details on CEA certification, Click Here.


In addition to meeting specific educational and experience requirements detailed below, candidates for CEA certification must successfully complete AEE's CEA preparatory training seminar, as well as a four-hour open book exam. Certified Energy Auditor Preparatory Training Program Online Seminar is an approved preparatory vehicle for those wishing to sit for the CEA exam. The exam cannot be administered online. In order to take the exam following completion of your online training seminar, you must first apply for certification. When completing your certification application online, you will have the option to select remote testing for your exam (see instructions below). The cost for applying for CEA certification including taking the exam at a remote testing center is $500 (not included in seminar registration fee).


AEE is pleased to offer the option to qualified CEA candidates to take the CEA exam at Certifior remote testing centers, located throughout the U.S. and Canada. This option is ideal for those taking the Certified Energy Auditor Preparatory Training Program Online Seminar. The procedure for those wishing to use this option is as follows:

  1. After completing the online training seminar, CEA applicant completes the online CEA certification application, selecting the remote testing option under "Testing Location." CLICK HERE for the online application.

  2. Applicant submits completed online CEA application to AEE for review.

  3. AEE reviews the application and sends an initial response letter to the applicant, either accepting the application, or requesting additional information if necessary.

  4. Upon initial acceptance, AEE sends the applicant's contact information to the main office for Certifior Testing Centers.

    (To see a testing center locations map, Click Here; however do not contact the testing center directly. You must be approved for testing by applying through AEE first, and then the testing center will contact you upon your acceptance as a CEA exam candidate.)

  5. Certifior Testing Center contacts the applicant directly to arrange the testing location, explain the testing procedures and ID required, and provide a testing center password. Should you need to reschedule after scheduling your testing time, a two business-day notice prior to the originally scheduled test date is required by the Certifior testing facility. If for any reason you do not give this notice, you will be required to pay the center a fee of $70 before you can reschedule your exam.

  6. Applicant takes the open-book CEA exam at his/her chosen remote testing center.

  7. Upon completion of the exam, the applicant will see an INITIAL test score. The results will be sent to AEE by Certifior, and the applicant will receive a letter from AEE within 30 days of completion of the exam which includes the OFFICIAL test score and applicant's status.

  8. If all required references are in place, the application is in order, the applicant has met all eligibiilty requirements and passed the exam, AEE will send the applicant's file to the CEA Board for final approval.

  9. The Board approval process usually takes 6-8 weeks. Once the approvals have been sent to AEE from the CEA Board, the applicant achieves CEA status, and will receive his/her CEA Certificate in the mail.

OTHER TESTING OPTION: The exam is generally offered at several locations within the continental U.S. during each calendar year. CEA exams are scheduled in conjunction with live training seminars associated with CEA certification (the AEE 3-day live course, Fundamentals of Energy Auditing). Advance arrangements must be made with the CEA certification administrator to sit for the exam at one of these course locations. Contact: 770/447-5083, ext. 223, or


Candidates for CEA certification must complete and submit an application form, along with a $500 application/remote exam fee by no later than three weeks prior to the examination date.

You may find a link to complete your CEA application form online, as well as obtain additional information on the CEA program, by visiting, or you may request to receive your CEA certification application by mail by contacting:

Certification Administrator, AEE
3168 Mercer University Drive
Atlanta, GA 30341
Phone: 770/447-5083, ext. 223


In addition to completing the required AEE-approved training seminar, a candidate for CEA certification must have:

A four-year degree from an accredited university or college in engineering or architecture, or be a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.). or an active Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.). In addition, the applicant must have at least three years of verifyable experience in energy auditing, and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments;

                    - OR -
A four-year non-engineering degree with at least four years of verifiable experience in energy auditing, and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments;

                    - OR -
A two-year technical degree with at least five years of verifiable experience in energy auditing, and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments;

                    - OR -
Ten years of verifiable experience in energy auditing, and/or participating in a team doing energy assessments.

Qualifications of prospective CEA candidates are evaluated by the CEA Board prior to approval to take the examination.