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AEEprograms.com is designed as a sister site to AEEcenter.org, and serves as an online resource for information on AEE's professional training seminars, industry trade shows, and professional book offerings.

AEE seminars enable you to get the training you need in a broad spectrum of energy-related areas of interest, with many programs specifically designed to serve as preparatory courses for AEE professional certification candidates. You'll find live seminars offered in cities throughout the continental U.S., as well as online and self-study seminars. By completing any of these programs, you will earn CEU and PDH credits.

AEE's industry trade shows allow you to network with professionals and colleagues in the energy field, get up to speed on the latest energy management strategies and applications, and see the newest technologies first hand. AEE conference/expo events span the continental U.S., and explore innovations in energy efficient technologies for facilities, renewable and alternative energy, automated building systems, efficient HVAC and lighting systems, energy services, project financing options, and much more.

Browse publications covering energy engineering and management, green and alternative energy, onsite power and distributed generation, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems, sustainability and carbon reduction, energy procurement, facility management and more.

The Association of Energy Engineers / AEE is a membership organization of over 17,000 professionals involved in all areas of the energy field. For more details on the full scope of AEE's programs and activities, as well as information on how to become a member of AEE, visit the Association's official web site home page at www.aeecenter.org.

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